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Make great content! Regardless of the material, the result is always awesome. The texts and hashtags for the posts are also mega. I have also been approached by many others about what a good job the guys do.

Niklas Kalus - BMW 318 Ti-Cup

Niklas' Story

Niklas and motorsport, it just fits. It all started on a trip abroad, where the young man sat down in a kart for the first time. Love at first sight. Even then, the talent was not lacking. In the following years, Niklas fought his way up through various kart classes from Micro to Bambini to X30 Senior and competed in renowned championships, including ADAC Kart Masters, WAKC, and Kart Bundesendlauf. The way to the top was never easy. Numerous injuries such as broken ribs, forearm fractures put a spanner in his works, but his stamina coupled with tremendous discipline helped him to continue, even in automotive racing. In early August 2022, we sat down with him and his dad to discuss how we could support him on social media to make the sponsor search more successful.

Our solution

The goal for Niklas was clear from the start. A profile as attractive as possible for sponsors through authentic content. So we got to work: We combined interesting formats like track guides with motivational posts and before-and-after edits. We developed interactive elements like quizes or Instagram Reels that built up on current trends. The focus was always on Niklas' personality. The posts were always designed to tell a unique story from his life. We always tried to present the difficult moments of his career in such a way that the community could take away added value as a result. A cool highlight of the collaboration so far has been the reel that shows how a normal 17 year old learns to drive and what that looks like for Niklas. We don't want to spoil anything: You can watch the video yourself on Instagram at @niklas.kalus43.

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