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We help athletes through the social media chaos!

Our goal is to help every athlete, no matter what sport, budget or level, with their social media presence.

Who are we & What do we do?

We are KSLR.
The somewhat different social media agency. A young team that ticks just like you. We not only bring the necessary knowledge from theory, but already look back on numerous success stories from practice. Whether TikTok, Instagram or LinkedIn, KSLR is your contact.
We boost you.
In short: We make sure that you gain more reach on the web, i.e. generate more followers and likes. Whether you just need a viral short video or want to build an established personal brand. Either way, with KSLR's help, you're guaranteed to become relevant on social media.

social media. Easy. Youthful.

Social media doesn't always have to be complicated. Especially not with us. At KSLR, we know that everyone is unique. Putting this individuality in the limelight is our strength.

By athletes for athletes.

KSLR is Generation Z. As athletes ourselves, we know what you need in the digital age to be seen not only as a person, but also as a brand.

Social media presence. Innovative.

Over the past years, we have designed services that allow every athlete to live social media according to their needs. If that's not innovative, so be it!

Prices. For everyone.

At our agency, the focus is on added value for every wallet. We are convinced that everyone should be able to afford a fresh social media presence.

What our athletes say.

Enthusiasm, satisfaction, community. That is KSLR.

Why you need social media!

In 2021, 71% of all companies worldwide were represented on Instagram. It's a great way to leverage that directly for you, maybe to get some financial support. And you know what's awesome? KSLR knows exactly what's needed. So you're guaranteed not to be overlooked on the sponsor radar in the long run.
Market value.
Media presence is like a master key: a key that opens doors you didn't even know existed. Look: a reach on social media guarantees you increase in value, as clubs or teams reach more people through your name to sell their products like merchandise, for instance.
As we all know, from nothing comes nothing. We understand that you need to be fully focused on performance on the field, in the water, or on the track. Our services are based on countless conversations with athletes from all areas. This way we know exactly where you need help. On the one hand, you stay athletically focused, on the other hand, you become relevant in the media.
Second pillar.
Money rules the world. Even as an athlete there is the possibility to earn a little extra money by actively using social media. KSLR offers various opportunities to approach this goal. Individually, of course. By scrolling down, we show you how this specifically can be achieved.
Your reach on social media assists you in establishing contacts not only with trainers, scouts or companies, but also with managers or consultants in other areas of life. Our services help you generate numerous followers and thus build an active and loyal community.
Fan relationship.
What do CR7, Usain Bolt and Montana Black have in common? The wrong answer is money, the right one is in the headline. Your media presence leads to a growing community, which will eventually become loyal fans if you do everything right. At KSLR, we want your social media presence to convey a lasting message so that you benefit from the emotional connection of your followers.

Figures we are extremely proud of.

In addition to our agency, we are also successful on social media ourselves!


This is a TikTok profile that Bertalan has built up to over 60K followers in 5 months. The target audience is people who are looking for a new automobile.

+ 100 produced videos
ø 200K Views / Video
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Image link


Another successful profile runs under the nickname SimDriver. The account is a hobby for Bertalan, where he regularly reports about Formula 1 and simracing.

+ 500 produced Videos
ø 35K Views / Video


Our success does not come by chance. Based on precise analyses, we manage not only to go viral but also to establish ourselves as a personal brand in the long term. This enables us to constantly create new collaborations that allow us to monetize social media.

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How we can specifically help you.

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Branding Academy

You want more than just posts for social media?
Want to know how to generate more followers?
Here you learn to build a personal brand.
We coach you in various topics.
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